"Buddha was born in Nepal" - Dr. Alois Anton Führer says. "He is a big lier" - Indian government says.

It is the utmost belief, the popular belief of the Buddhists around the globe that Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini in Nepal. It is due to the fraud of one man, a German by birth, a former Catholic priest called Dr. Anton Führer (late Archeological Surveyor to the Government of North-Western Provinces and Oudh at Lucknow in India) is responsible for creating this 'lie' in the minds of the people.  And, of course, the other blind flowers as well who do not have senses, or not interested in, for 'excavations' in to the 'most reliable available facts' and 'bury' what they have been carrying out throughout the history with love and care.

Following reports are evident for the nature of the fraud of Dr. Führer, facts presented by him in proving his 'findings', facts piled up against him by Mr. V.A. Smith (Chief Secretary to the Government of North -Western Provinces and Oudh), refutations presented by Professor Laurence Waddell & Dr. Hoey, C.S and also the letter released by C.W. Odling {The Secretary of Public Workshop Department (Archeology), Government, N - W. P. And Oudh in India}, mentioning the cease for the resignation of Dr. Führer and the withdrawal of the circulation of all his workings.


The commission report explaining the fraud of  Dr. Führer.



The progress report prepared by Mr Vincent A. Smith against the 
creation of  Dr. Führer - Lumbini and Kapilawasthu.


Evidence compiled by Professor Laurence Waddell against the misstatements of  Dr. Führer.



The letter written for the cease of the job of Dr. Führer and the withdrawals of his workings (Books written on the subject matter - The birth place of the Buddha - Lumbini and other papers) by Mr. C.W. Odling {The Secretary of Public Workshop Department (Archeology), Government, N -W. P. And Oudh in India}

(This blog post was compiled with the information provided by Miss. Subhashinie Kumari)

Fuehrer, Alois Anton (1853-1930)

Photo credit - The Buddha and Dr Fuhrer


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